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      Beijing Zhongshi Shanglian AD Co., Ltd., established in 2006, locates in the virtual economic area in China- Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Park. It is a specialized media company with main businesses of book publication, website operation, advertising agent and exhibition organization.

      The coating media brands under our company include the three parts as China Coatings Purchase Net ( www.passionforyourprofits.com), the reference book of Catalogue of China National Purchase for Coating Industry and the magazine of Coatings Purchase. We will service for the whole coatings industry in the three types as internet, reference book and magazine, and we will supply a brand new interactive platform on information communications and business cooperation for enterprises and public institutions as the trades of coatings, raw materials, equipment, and architecture, automobile, ship, machinery and chemistry industry in many sides of rapid information publicity, scientific and research enjoyment, industry information integration etc.


    網站商務:010-52638878 投稿郵箱:[email protected]

    聯系地址:北京市石景山區阜石路166號澤洋大廈718室 郵編:100043

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